What gets in mind when a guy is staring at you?

What gets in mind when a guy is staring at you?

Have you ever felt that someone is looking at you for a long time? This is more common for both and men and woman at some point in time. There are lots of reasons if a guy stares at you. You may not think in one particular manner and react in that instance. Here are some reasons for a guy to stare at you.

They are frozen

They might be frozen on looking at you and they will not know what to do the next. This makes them go blank and stop with the things that they are doing. It is exactly like writing in the paper of the most important final exam.

For his fun with friends

When a guy stares at you, one of the reasons would be he is waiting to draw your attention and you want to notice him. By this, he can tell his friends that you both had a moment staring at each other. This is the fun factors for guys to enjoy themselves among friends.

Sexual attraction

No matter what the age is, for male it is important to have some attraction towards the opposite sex and they do things to draw the attention. This is one of the most important reasons to admire at a woman.

When he cannot approach you

He might have been thinking that he needs to meet and talk to you, but there may not be the right chance. Also, in other cases, there might be several options to meet you but they might have not opened up with their thoughts on you. So with some confusion in their mind, they might be staring at you.

They want you to be uncomfortable

When a person is staring at you for a long time, to creatures some disturbance in you and this is the place that you may feel uncomfortable. Some any also burst out in anger at those instances. This is what the guys needs. They just stare at you to make you feel uncomfortable.

guy is staring at you

When he wants to propose

Some men will be fast and just move to you to propose you, some with be creative and think of different things to do to express his love to his girl. In certain cases, men would be staring at you with some confusion to propose you.

You are beautiful

For anyone when anything is beautiful from their point of view, they might look at the object or thing for a long time. This is applicable for a beautiful painting, scenery, flower, etc. This same thing is applicable for women as well. This is one of the important reasons for staring.

There are also some other reasons to specify when a guy look at you. Do not decide without knowing properly there can also some reason beyond what you have understood. Take it easy and move on. If possible you may also enjoy the fun and have time to remember in the future!

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